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July 09 2019

Mukhtiyar - 41 million changed lives

Mukhtiyar is a 26 year old security guard in a private bank. As the eldest son, he felt a duty to help his father and shoulder the burden of responsibility to support their family of eight.  When he got the job he anticpated better times ahead as both father and son could support Mukhtiyar's siblings through their studies. As his father's health deteriorated, Mukhtiyar took out a loan to pay for his father's medical assessment and were given the devasting news that he had lung cancer. 

Much of Mukhtiyar's free time was taken but caring for his father and he thought the moments of blurred vision and even occasional blindness in his right eye were due to tiredness and over work. His mother finally convinced him to go to a local eye clinic and get an examination. At this already difficult time, Mukhtiyar was diagnosed with cataract in both eyes and advised to undergo immediate surgery.

The news could not have been more devastating. He could not afford the cost of the treatment and without surgery, he would surely go blind. Not only that, he could not bear the prospect of the indignity of dependency. Fortunately, a colleague told Mukhtiyar about LRBT's Korangi Hospital and its free eye care services.

Mukhtiyar had successful surgery which made him feel like he had indeed been given a second shot at life. “My father has decided to opt for treatment, and finally, my family sees a ray of hope after seeing me overcome my ordeal. I do not have words to describe how LRBT not only gave me my sight back but something much more valuable…. Hope for the future.”