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Eye Screening Camps


School Eye screening camps

Academic under-performance can be the result of an underlying, undiagnosed eye condition or impaired vision. Our school eye screening programme seeks to address this issue, offering free eye checks to school children in remote rural regions and socially and economically deprived urban areas. Our dedicated teams of ophthalmologists and allied health professionals regularly visit schools in areas that are identified as having poor health care services to test the eyesight of all children, provide free treatment to those who are diagnosed with an eye ailment and raise awareness of eye health amongst children.

 Our school screening programmes are designed to educate and train teachers to recognise the signs and symptoms of deteriorating eyesight and eye ailments and refer students to our hospitals and clinics. To date we have trained over 6000 teachers.

Teachers have proved to be our strongest allies.


Adult Eye screening camps

Adult mobile eye screening camps enable us to reach remote rural communities and people living in socially and economically deprived urban areas with little access to good quality health care. Free eye checks and eye health awareness enable us to provide treatment where needed and also to raise the general level of understanding of the issues around eye health, hygiene and care. 

Prevention is better than Cure


Sponsor a Screening Camp

If you would like to sponsor a screening camp in a particular area in Pakistan, let us know and we can help to facilitate your wish.