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35 years partnering with
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The Graham Layton Trust (GLT) is the fundraising arm of Layton Rahmatulla Benevolent Trust (LRBT), the principal free eye care provider in Pakistan.

GLT was set up to raise awareness and money for LRBT so that they can continue their work.

Our goal is to serve humanity and alleviate the suffering caused by vision related disability. Pakistan is a country of 200 million people from diverse ethnic, religious, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. All patients seeking treatment are welcomed with the same level of courtesy and care.

We want to give individuals the chance to realise their full potential, helping them to stay engaged with their families and communities and become productive members of society.

We can transform the lives of the poorest and most marginalised people, restoring dignity, independence and hope.

We guarantee quality care, robust monitoring, evaluation and local understanding through our sister charity, the Layton Rahmatulla Benevolent Trust, which works hand in hand with the Graham Layton Trust.

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Founding principles

Graham Layton & Zaka Rahmatullah created Layton Rahmatullah Benevolent Trust (LRBT) with four founding principles that still permeate the whole organisation and its operations:

All treatment at LRBT should be totally free so that no man, woman or child becomes blind just because he/she cannot afford the treatment.

Treatment should be appropriate, state-of-the-art. Charity should not mean second-rate treatment.

There shall be no discrimination due to gender, caste, ethnicity, language, religion, race or sect.

Patients should be treated with compassion and dignity.

Although they are no longer with us, GLT and LRBT’s founders would have been proud to see that the work they started not only continues but reaches new heights.

The Graham Layton Trust in 2020

19 hospitals and 59 eyecare clinics across Pakistan
Over 40 million patients treated in more than 30 years

Our continued vision:

Provide funds for hospitals, doctors & nurses and eyecare equipment
Raise awareness within the British & British-Pakistani communities

Our aspiration is to continue to provide free eye care based upon our humanitarian principles until all people in Pakistan can afford their own treatment.