90% of blindness is curable

In developing regions, people with cataracts routinely go blind because they cannot afford treatment. Impaired vision in turn impacts their livelihood and ability to support their families. We work to end this cycle of poverty and dependence, helping those who face darkness, fear and uncertainty.

We provide free eye care for some of the poorest communities in Pakistan. Our hospitals and clinics are situated in the heart of rural villages and deprived urban areas, serving those who have little access to health care.

Using state of the art equipment and technology, our highly skilled doctors ensure the highest standards of care and compassion for all our patients, giving back dignity, independence and hope.


Child Cataract    £52

Cataract is the clouding of the lens of the eye; loss of vision in children can limit opportunities for education and personal development. Surgically replacing lenses easily and effectively restores sight. 


Adult Cataract    £25

Cataract is the clouding of the lens of the eye, which prevents clear vision and usually progresses to blindness if left untreated. Surgically replacing lenses easily and effectively restores sight.  


Refractive Errors

The most common cause of visual impairment results from unfocussed images falling on the retina and causing blurred vision of different types. Cost-effectively recitified with spectacles.    Assessment Cost £2


Squint Correction

One eye may turn inwards, outwards, upwards or downwards while the other eye looks forward. Untreated, vision in the affected eye gradually deteriorates and treatment involves tightening or moving muscles which move the eye position.    Cost £75


Diabetic Retinopathy

Poorly controlled blood sugars, high blood pressure and high cholesterol can damage blood vessels inside the retina and lead to vision loss if it is not treated. Early screening and lifestyle changes are the most effective intervention.  Cost £26



Glaucoma causes optic nerve damage and visual field loss. Most patients only seek help once symptoms become apparent with irreversible field vision loss so early screening is crucial to preserve the patients remaining sight.    Cost £60

Retina Detachment

Retinas detach because fluid seeps into holes or tears causing the retina to become separated from the supporting and nourishing tissues underneath it. Surgery is required to seal the retinal holes and reattach the retina to prevent sight loss.  Cost £200


Corneal Transplant

The cornea is a window of transparent tissue at the front of the eyeball. Various diseases or injury cause it to become either cloudy or out of shape. This prevents the normal passage of light and affects vision. Treatment requires corneal transplant from a donor. Cost £530

Sponsor Eye Screening

Sponsor Eye Screening Programmes for £2,500

• Adult Eye Screening

• School Eye Screening Programmes

• Free eye checks

• Referral to LRBT for free surgery

• Free medication if required

• Eye health awareness programme

• Eye health hygiene and care support

To sponsor an eye screening camp, get in touch at enquiries@glt.org.uk


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