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Health professionals

LRBT runs a School of Paramedicine, which offers diplomas for Ophthalmic Technicians, Operation Theatre Technicians and Refractionists. Each year around 50 to 60 students obtain certification to prepare for careers in ophthalmic services.

Ophthalmic Technician

The aim of this course is to teach skills required to diagnose and treat simple to cure, yet widespread eye conditions prevalent in the population. The course is continually updated in response to changing needs, new development in knowledge, advances in technology and students' feedback. Lectures cover topics ranging from basic epidemiology, pathogenesis, clinical features, diagnosis, management and prevention of these diseases.


The course is designed to teach the skills required to understand, diagnose, treat and prevent complications of refractive errors, providing opportunities and experience which will enable candidates to explore and improve their knowledge base and develop confidence in their expertise as a Refractionist.

Operation Theatre Technician

This course is delivered by experienced clinicians through a series of lectures, interactive learning sessions, demonstrations and substantial exposure to clinical work. Our training develops students to become competent and reliable members of the theatre team.


All courses are fulltime, and students are required to pay a nominal tuition fee. LRBT provides all internal trainees board and lodging facilities for the duration of their course.