June 21 2022

Muzzamil's Story

Muzzamil's Story

Meet 12-year-old Muzzamil!

Muzzamil comes from a village near Quetta. He is a cheerful and friendly child, and his teachers are all praises for him being a most avid student of grade 3.

During break time at school, while playing with his friends, a ball hit him in the right eye and he doubled over in pain and cried out. His friends immediately alerted the teachers who called his father.

Muzzamil’s father, Anwar, rushed him to the basic health unit in their village. However, due to the dearth of facilities, he was just given some painkillers and sent home.

The pain eased, but over time a white dot started to appear in Muzzamil's eye and he started complaining of hazy vision.

Helpless, his parents searched for options to take their son for proper diagnosis. Anwar was jobless at the time due to his health issues, and his two older sons were working odd jobs to support the family. With 5 younger daughters to support he was worried about the finances for his son’s treatment.

Luckily, the family were informed about LRBT Quetta, where Muzzamil was immediately diagnosed with cataract and given a date for surgery. His father informed the doctor of their financial situation and was assured that Muzzamil’s treatment would be free of cost, and they would not even have to pay for the medicine.

Muzzamil had successful surgery and is back home recovering. He cannot wait to go back to school! Upon seeing her son back to his usual chirpy self, his mother said: “We can withstand any pain but seeing our children suffering and helpless to do anything is something I would not wish upon anyone. LRBT was a saviour for us, and we thank Allah for enabling us to come to this hospital where treatment was not only free but of the highest quality. We are at peace now that we know our child will recover completely and will be able to lead a fulfilling, productive life."

Help us change the lives of millions more like Muzzamil!

Help us give them a bright future full of love, hope and cheer!

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