November 06 2023

54 millionth Patient of GLT!

54 millionth Patient of GLT!

54 Millionth Patient of GLT – Our swift action restored Mehwish's sight

"GLT has given me a second chance at life, and for that,I am eternally thankful and will keep praying for them for as long as I live" 


To look her best at her brother’s wedding, Mehwish did what many young women do in the UK and wore coloured contact lenses for the special day. This is a popular and safe fashion accessory, but Mehwish bought low quality over the counter lenses from a non-specialist shop. Without any advice about correct application and use, Mehwish continued to wear them during the celebration despite her severe discomfort. She should have been advised to remove them immediately if there was any pain and because she did not, the low-grade lenses scratched her cornea, severely reducing her vision and inflicting enormous pain.

What saved her sight:

  • Her husband acted quickly and sought medical attention
  • LRBT’s doctors recognised she had used low grade lenses
  • LRBT fast-tracked Mehwish for emergency surgery
  • LRBT had cornea organs available for transplant

Today, Mehwish’s life has been transformed, thanks to the compassionate care provided by our doctors, the dedication of our partners, and the support of patrons like you.

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