January 25 2024

55 Millionth Patient Treated

55 Millionth Patient Treated

55 Millionth Patient of GLT – Bakhtawar's Journey to Sight
Meet Bakhtawar, a 13-year-old from Sakro, who spends her days working to support her family instead of attending school as her parents lack the means to enroll her in school.
Bakhtawar has been struggling with weak eyesight but her parents couldn't afford an eye examination. A light reflection in her left eye raised concerns, leading them to seek assistance from the LRBT Primary Eye Care Clinic in Gharo, where access to free eye care became possible.
Bakhtawar was diagnosed with congenital cataracts and needed surgery at a nearest hospital. LRBT assured support to her worried parents, arranging transportation and meals for their travel to Karachi. Bakhtawar, one of 60 identified patients, underwent successful surgery at LRBT Korangi Hospital, Karachi, marking her first ever travel beyond her village.

GLT has given our daughter a second chance at life, and for that,I will keep praying for them always" -  Bakhtawar's mother                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

What saved her sight:

  • The critical role played by our primary health care center.
  • Her parents recognised the problem and took her to the doctor .
  • LRBT fast-tracked her emergency surgery considering their circumstances

"For people like us, this level of eye care is unimaginable. We cannot thank GLT enough for treating our daughter with such dedication and for free. Now that Bakhtawar is recovering, she dreams of attending school one day'' -  Bakhtawar's Father 

 Thanks to the compassionate care provided by our doctors, the dedication of our partners, and the support of patrons like you Bakhtawar's life has been transformed,

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