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35 years partnering with
June 15 2021

47th millionth patient - Rehmat

47th millionth patient - Rehmat

Our 47th millionth patient Rehmat from Quetta is so brave!

Despite his young age, Rehmat’s vision for his future is clear. He wants to serve his country by joining the army. To achieve this, he strives to study hard and is already top of his class.

However, four months ago, Rehmat’s left eye started to itch and he complained of hazy vision. It started to affect his studies as he was distracted most of the time.

His father, who sews cloth for tents to earn a living, was distraught and spent many sleepless nights fearing permanent damage to his son’s eye.

Rehmat too became withdrawn and quiet, fearing he may be losing his vision. One day he even earnestly asked his sister if anyone would want to play with him if he was unable to see.

Having never experienced free treatment himself, Rehmat’s father was hesitant and delayed going to hospital until he had money saved up. But when Rehmat was unable to see at all from his left eye, he quickly rushed him to LRBT.

Rehmat was examined and told he would need a corneal transplant at the earliest as his cornea had been damaged due to neglect. The corneal tissue was arranged by LRBT and transplanted successfully. Rehmat is now able to see again with renewed vision.

“My first reaction was fear when the doctor told me that my son would need a major surgery to replace his cornea. Just the thought of him having the surgery under anesthesia was enough to give me nightmares, but the empathy and professionalism of the doctors and staff at LRBT gave me the courage to agree to the surgery.

It was the best decision of my life, the quality treatment and care that my son received has enabled him to see clearly once again. I have my happy, smiling Rehmat back and he is more determined than ever to serve his country.” – Ghulam Rasool (Rehmat’s father).

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