Media City run to raise funds for children's eye surgery in Pakistan

A 10k run through Manchester's Media City is for fun runners and seasoned professionals alike. Grab your friends and a pair of running boots and come along and help raise funds for children's sight surgery in Pakistan. The fast flat 2.5k loop provides exhilaration, fantastic support from the organisers and camaraderie from your GLT team mates.

Event: Run Media City 

Date: 29th August 2024

Start time: 7.00pm

Distance: 10 kilometres 

Activity: Run or jog

Start location: Central Paizza

Finish location: Central Piazza

Minimum fundraising target: £500

Registration fee: £25 per person

Parking: Multi storey car park at Lowry Outlet

Team gear: T shirt and cap will be issued

It's easy to get started, simply sign up and register AND don't forget to set up your Just Giving fundraising page using the link below.


GLT Restoring Sight in Pakistan for 40 years

GLT has been providing FREE eye care in Pakistan because millions of people cannot afford treatment when their sight deteriorates. More than half of the populations earn less than £2 per day and this income barely provides for staples; there is nothing left for healthcare. Pakistan does not have a free healthcare service and private treatment is too expensive. All of these factors conspire to disenfranchise people from their BASIC HUMAN RIGHT TO SIGHT. 

Working with our sister charity LRBT, we have built the largest network of 20 European standard hospitals including specialist paediatric units and 54 clinics across the country. Our fundraising serves to support this network so that our patients, young or old can get the best treatment. We run a successful school screening programme, which aims to pick up sight problems early and treat the immature eye so that sight develops properly in childhood.

We have trained over 7000 teachers to recognise the signs and symptoms of deteriorating eyesight and refer children to our hospitals and clinics for early diagnosis and free treatment. 


Email us on with any questions or for further information. we are here to support 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday.