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35 years partnering with
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Sustaining Livelihoods

Gift of sight goes far beyond vision. 

21 years ago, a frightened young boy was brought to the LRBT hospital in Karachi following an injury at school. Zakir had developed a cataract, which his family could not afford to treat.

Free surgery at LRBT’s Eye Hospital provided the assistance he needed to restore his sight and Zakir recalls being treated with great kindness and has never forgotten the gift that gave him new hope. Years later, once his sight was fully mature, adult lenses were implanted to assure his future vision and he has worked as a rickshaw driver, proudly supporting his young family. Individuals like Zakir are a beacon of hope, your generosity not only restored Zakir’s vision but empowered him to be financially independent.

Now, the COVID-19 pandemic means he must remain at home like millions of others around the world. Please donate now so we can help someone see again.

20% of your donation will provide food packs for those in need.